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Resident Press takes great pride in offering news, updates, events, and local information, at NO COST to you. That’s one of the many principles RP was founded on. It’s about community!

In the coming days, you will notice a simple”Pop-Up” asking for your email address. You can either submit your email address, or “opt-out” by clicking the “X”, or the screen.

We’re creating a newsletter that gives a monthly/bi-weekly recap, weekly reminders of events, and promotional offers only found in the newsletter. This additional form of communication will be email based, therefore you will have to submit your email address, which ONLY be used for Resident Press purposes. That’s a guarantee.

You will always have the opportunity to “opt-out”, and we won’t burden you with emails everyday. It’s beneficial content, promotions, and cool stuff that you can use.

We’re always happy to hear from you so please send us any feedback through our Contact Us page.

Thanks for your support! RP

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