RP Extends Coverage with Resident 22 News


By Ali Bryant

Resident Press was established to create a unique, and unified approach for online news in the lower Sebastian Co. and upper Scott Co. areas. Covering Hackett, Hartford, Mansfield, Waldron and the surrounding communities with a sincere, and heartfelt focus. RP has set the standard for news in this area.

Recognizing a new opportunity, RP has launched a sister site, Resident22News.com. This new site will cover the towns of Barling, Central City, Lavaca and their surrounding communities in the same manner. Readers will enjoy content focused news and events in their area with the same community focus found on Resident Press.

“We’ve been extremely careful in making this jump to cover areas outside our comfort zone, but we feel it’s the right thing to do, and it’s highly needed,” stated Resident Press owner, Jason Baggett.

Resident Press launched in May of 2015, and now almost three years later expands into additional markets with a similar name. Resident 22 News will focus on content in, around, and near Highway 22 which starts in Balling, going through Central City, and past Lavaca.

“We wanted to incorporate Highway 22 into the branding, and it just feels right with the core area of coverage” Baggett added. “Being an independent news organization, we’re afforded the time and focus to provide content that shapes our readers daily lives. It’s important for us to spell names correctly, and be the communities voice thru a non-print news source.”

Resident22News.com will follow the same process that readers, contributors, and the social following of Resident Press have come to enjoy, and participate in. Baggett went on to state that in launching the site looks premature at first glance. But, is needed to get the ball rolling heading into Summer.

“We’re in need of content, and we hope the our current readership will reach out to friends and families and provide us contacts for stories as we move into these areas” added Baggett. “It’s also important for our readership to share the Resident 22 News Facebook page.”

You can visit Residdent22News.com and submit content / stories, as well as LIKE their Facebook page to stay updated on news within their coverage area.

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