Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park Makes Another School Visit…This Time It’s Waldron Elementary!


Roo Doo's Wildlife Park Makes Another Stop At Waldron Elementary To Discuss Their "Wild About Reading" Program!

Last week, Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park from Greenwood was on the road and headed to Waldron Elementary. Owner, JR Wheeler, presented the “Wild About Reading” program to grades K-4th to encourage children to read. Each child was presented with a free book to call their own. Walter, the albino wallaby, made an appearance as well. Students were informed of his habitat, things he likes to eat, and how he survives in the wild. Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park gave over 700 books to Waldron Elementary School!

Roo Doo’s is still working diligently to open it’s doors. In February, Kristen Wheeler, the owner’s wife, passed away from a two-year long battle with cancer. Kristen’s passion and dream was to reach the unreachable student. She lived to help others. It was her initial idea for the “Wild About Reading” program. She wanted students to have the chance to own their very own book. So, to keep her memory alive, Roo Doo’s will continue on with their program. They will visit Magazine, Charleston, and County Line Schools in the near future.

“We are still moving forward with the zoo. Of coarse things have taken a bit longer because of Kristen’s passing, but we are working on it daily. We have new animals that we are continuing to add as we get closer to opening, and we are planning on the Zoo Camps this summer. This whole process has taken us longer than we ever expected, but we aren’t stopping. We’ve just had to concentrate on family for a little bit. Now, we are back to working. We can’t wait to finally be finished and offer something wonderful for families in the area to take their children to come and see that will be not only fun for the whole family but also educational.” said Wheeler.

According to Wheeler, zoo camps will be offered this summer, and you can look for updates on the Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park Facebook page. Also, if you would like to donate to the “Wild About Reading” program, you may do that through the page as well. As they advance with this program within the area, more books will be needed. A book for a child costs one dollar for them to receive a free book. Any amount donated can and will make an amazing difference for this program. Check out their Facebook page for updates on the zoo, the reading program, and information on the up-coming zoo camps.

Around 700 students from Waldron Elementary School received a free book from the “Wild About Reading” program presented by Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park!

Cover Photo Credit to: Joshua Clemmer

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