Resident Press – Statement of Ownership


September 2, 2017

Resident Press™ is owned, and operated under Baggett Enterprises LLC, which is in good standing with the State of Arkansas, and in compliance to all current regulations pursuant to ownership, publishing, and media / social platforms.

Owners, Jason and Lesli Baggett with assistance of multiple contributors strive to display a positive news environment focusing on the news, events, people, schools, and sports of our readership areas that include Mansfield, Hackett, Hartford, Huntington, Greenwood, Waldron, Witcherville, Abbott, and the individual outlying areas.

Information such as phone numbers, addresses, and emails are solely used for internal purposes, and ONLY used with permission by contributor, and not sold for profit, or personal gain.

Resident Press™ is NOT owned by (partnership) or partnered with any other news organizations that have not given clear consent of utilizing our content, likeness of brand, naming, etc.

Readership statistics, and Google analytics can be requested by emailing

Thank you for making Resident Press™ your #1 community news source for Sebastian, and Scott Counties.


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