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Jason Baggett (Left), pictured with Mansfield resident, Bill and Irma Mullens who have been anxiously awaiting a printed copy, were given the opportunity to receive the first copy sold.

In following up with those of you who are actively seeking a subscription to our print newspaper, here are some initial details.

We are currently in the process of filing our permit to be able to provide a weekly newspaper mailed directly to your door.

What we need.

In order to sense the overall quota of the mailed print version and to stay in touch with you when we’ve complete the process, we need:

  • Full Name

  • Mailing Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address (if applicable)

Please provide the above information sent to us in an email or through our Contact Us page.

DO NOT REPLY with personal information in the comments. Send to us directly!!

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Resident Press

Resident Press

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