Resident Press Launches Print Newspaper


Jason Baggett (Left), pictured with Mansfield resident, Bill and Irma Mullens who have been anxiously awaiting a printed copy, were given the opportunity to receive the first copy sold.

Resident Press Editor, Tammy Teague and Owner, Jason Baggett deliver the first ever printed edition of Resident Press to Mansfield Senior Citizen Center Tuesday morning.

Baggett stated “Our staff worked closely together to develop a product that answers the call of the public, and a means for us to sample the consumer base of extended readership. With this release and the future potential, we will be the ONLY locally owned, and locally focused news source offering mobile, web, and print news coverage.”

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RP News Editor, Tammy Teague discusses the process of the print version to Bill Mullens

This first edition is comprised of many top stories from the last two weeks, which includes both Hackett Hornets and Mansfield Tigers Senior Class pictures. The Waldron Bulldogs graduating class will be available on Tuesday, May 13th along with timely and newsworthy content.

The Resident Press Newspaper can be found at the following locations with more locations to be added in the coming weeks, per the response of sales.

Hackett, Arkansas

Hackett City Hall

Mansfield, Arkansas

Cherokee Tire

Mansfield City Hall

Mansfield Senior Citizen Center

Waldron, Arkansas

Heritage Memorial Funeral Home

Main Street Barbershop

Waldron City Hall

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6 Replies to “Resident Press Launches Print Newspaper”

  1. @Jeanne – Did you send us your address and email? We’re getting really close!

  2. Jeanne Hershey says:

    Please don’t forget me when you finally have mailing.

  3. Dana Anderson says:


  4. Kay Moore says:

    So good to have a good honest non-politically biased newspaper! We just like to know whats going on in our community and to celebrate the good, mourn with the sad and enjoy small town America! Thank you!

  5. jIM Jones says:

    Your news will now reach an age of folks who have needed a reliable source of coverage. The others just can’t keep up and they sure can’t do it half as good you guys. Wish you the best of luck and please let us know when we can subscribe.

  6. Jack James says:

    Congratulations Resident Press! Many best wishes on this new endeavor!

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