R.E.D. Gate Horse Rescue and assisted learning for kids


It was very enjoyable to be around the horses, whispering to
them, interacting with them, petting them. R.E.D. Gate Rescue horses are very
gentle and came right up to me.

Just the smell of horses and seeing them, brings memories
flooding back in of pure joy. Horses are powerful animals, but their desire is
to please and interact peacefully.

R.E.D (Recapturing Equine Dignity) Gate Rescue is a non-profit equine rescue organization near Hackett that uses a technique called “Equine assisted learning” (EAL) for kids to come and learn more about interacting with others, how their body language speaks to others, how their voice tone matters and how that translates to interacting with each other.

Utilizing the horses, this teaching is very effective in
promoting the development of life skills for educational and personal purposes.
Children that have difficulty with behavior and/or being in social settings greatly
benefit from the assisted learning techniques.

There are always volunteers on-site with each student. The students are not riding the horses very much, most of their interaction is direct face-to-face, brushing them, talking to them, petting them.

Through these interactions, kids learn trust, respect, honesty and communication. According to Path International, these equines, which include horses, are very in-tune with human behavior. Because of their non-verbal influence, they silently ask people to always be aware of their surroundings and learn to have a heightened self-awareness that helps reveal patterns of behavior and the opportunity to think a new way.

RED Gate horse rescue learning
This girl is learning how to be calm and respectful to the horse so she can put on the bridle.

Suzanne and BJ talk about a young girl and said “Despite
circumstances going on in life, horses see people for who they are. They make great teachers, listeners and friends. Despite little frustrations on her part on not being able to
accomplish each activity, sometimes we must step back and be reminded that it’s
not about the destination, but the journey. We must look at the situation in a
different way to accomplish something. We have a few more sessions to go and we
hope to continue to make more progress in learning.”

Suzanne and BJ head up this organization and are hands-on with the children in learning how to interact with the horses, which helps them to interact more respectfully to people. Suzanne and BJ have seen some come that are very timid and do not speak all and every child left with a big smile on their face. Most all of these kids have never been around a horse.

RED Gate horse rescue learning

Suzanne says, “One young boy came, and he was so afraid, but
after interacting with the horse and learning about how he reacts and says
things and the horse responding, he found he had done a difficult thing and was
very happy he did.”

Of course, caring for horses with proper feed, farriers and
veterinarians is not a small undertaking financially.

R.E.D. Gate Rescue is looking for good, caring horse trainers
to break a couple of the horses to saddle as well as donations to help care for
them properly.

Kids set up a lemonade stand to give donations.

BJ says, “We really need an experienced and caring horse
trainer to train the horses to ride as we don’t have the necessary knowledge to
provide that.”

While talking with them and seeing them interact with the
horses, it is very clear there is a deep connection and respect between the
organizers and the horses.

R.E.D. Gate Rescue would like to rescue more horses but are
needing the help of the community to help with offsetting costs.

If you need more information, would like to help or donate,
contact them on their Facebook page R.E.D. Gate

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