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René Myers, Library Director of the Scott-Sebastian County Library, is an avid reader and shares with us her book review. You may either read the physical book, eBook or listen on audio (link below):

In conjunction with the 2019 summer reading theme, outer space, Scott County Library Book Club chose the dystopian, science fiction novel Red Rising by Pierce Brown, published in 2014. 

I, not a regular reader of science fiction, was looking forward to something different to my usual reads of realistic fiction and historical non-fiction.  Red Rising is book one in the Red Rising Saga.  Non science fiction readers will only need a bit of interest in fantasy to overlook the science fiction aspect of this book and won’t have any difficulty with wording and themes typical of science fiction works that detour us non science fiction readers. 

The novel’s main character is a young adult named Darrow.  He lives on the planet Mars several generations in the future.  He is a Red miner, the lowest caste system on Mars.  His family for generations has been told that the Reds are vital to mining helium-3 to terraform the planet and make it livable.  Their sacrifices were made by working in the underground mines in horrible conditions (sometimes with death) will pave the way for the future. 

Darrow discovers that he and his people have been lied to for centuries.  Mars was made livable on the surface generations ago, and he and his people are nothing more than slaves.  The unnecessary death of generations of family members, the lie, and then the murder of his young wife motivates Darrow to be involved in a plan to bring down the dominate caste system, Golds, who has perpetuated the lie and caused him so much pain. 

He must infiltrate the legendary Institute by becoming a Gold, the enemy of his people.  Red Rising has non-stop action and a wide variety of interesting characters.  

Red Rising is available for check out with a library card at Scott County Library, Sebastian County Library, and at (eBook and audiobook).

Be watching next month for another book review.

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