Radley Named Interim Mayor


By Tammy Moore Teague

The Hartford City Council met in a special session Thursday evening at 6 p.m. to meet with candidates interested in the job of mayor. Four candidates, including Alderman Raye Morgan, Mary Radley, Joseph Tatro and Damon Yates, gave brief statements on their qualifications for the job.

Morgan spoke first as to why she was interested in becoming mayor. “I’d like to do it in honor of my mother and father,” Morgan said. Adding that her mother had once held the position. “We need to run this city more like a business.” Radley was next explaining to the council that while she hadn’t prepared a formal speech, she would give the job her best effort.  “I’ve done what I could to help, I’d like to continue doing that,” concluded Radley. Then Tatro gave laid out his qualifications to the council, which included a position as chief engineer of the City of Chicago. “The city’s on a roll,” said Tatro. “I would like to keep it going.” Lastly, Yates, who was the youngest of the candidates, had a much different approach to managing the city. “I want to get our youth and younger generation involved,” Yates said.

After hearing from each of the candidates, the council went into executive session. After a 30 minute discussion, they reconvened and Alderman Karen Griffin made the motion to appoint Radley as interim mayor. The motion was passed unanimously but the council.  Following the appointment, Radley was sworn into office. She will complete the term of former Mayor Roy Shankle. In November the voters will decide who the next Mayor of Hartford will be.

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