Putnam Blacksmith Shop


By Jack James

You’ll have to really search for a photo as great as this vintage photo, taken in 1908, of the Putnam Blacksmith Shop! This blacksmith shop was on Highway 22 and owned by Mr. William Warren Putnam.

There’s not a lot known about this building and the people, not yet anyway. What we do know is from information written by Roy Putnam on the back of the original photograph: “This picture made 1908 by Dad’s old Blacksmith Shop in Bloomer, Ar. Picture left to right Floyd (Buck)Ward, William Warren Putnam blacksmith, Dewitt Ward merchant, Gerome Tapley Farmer, Roy E. Putnam farm age 13, Albert Price mail carrier to Lavaca.”

The back of a copy of this photo lists the people pictured as Roy Putnam, W.W. Putnam, Rome Tapley, Dewitt Ward, Buck Ward, Price (mail carrier). The sign above door says 7 miles to Charleston.

If you know more about this or other photos on this site, please let us know.

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