Prehistoric Cave Found Under Hackett



All day long workers from a local group called, Scientist Testing Ideas Naturally Gathered or STING for short, have been working non stop trying to determine what to think about this groundbreaking discovery. Two hikers were enjoying a morning stroll around the town of Hackett when all of a sudden one of the hikers disappeared. Sally Tripper and her husband Steve had been out for some fresh air and scenery when in an instant, Sally vanished. “I was walking about 20 feet in front of my wife when I realized she had stopped participating in our conversation. When I looked back, she was gone,” Steve explains. “I found Sally in a mysterious crevis that led to an enormous cave.”

Workers from STING

Fortunately, Mrs.Tripper was fine. Immediately they called nationally acclaimed group STING to come in and unearth the discoveries. Found inside the cave were hundreds of hornet artifacts. The prehistoric cave is estimated to be about 30 years old. The President of STING is asking people to stay clear of the area so the workers can dig in peace.


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