Pork In The Park Was Finger-Lickin’ Good


When it comes to BBQ competitions, Sodie Davidson Parks first annual “Pork in the Park” was a smokin’ success. The BBQ competition was hosted by the Waldron Little League Football Program at Sodie Davidson Park. The competition consisted of both an adult division and a youth division for participants to showcase their master grilling skills.

The kids were judged on two meat categories which consisted of pork chops and leg quarters. The adults had four meat categories which consisted of chicken, ribs, pork tenderloin, and a meat of their choice. The lucky dogs who were asked to judge these tasty BBQ delicacies were David Millard, Philip Scantling, Angela Talmadge, Zack Connelly, and Megan Hecox.

Connelly, Scantling, and Millard judging some of the delicious BBQ

Judges Angela Talmadge and Megan Hecox tasting the yummy entries

The youth division had five participants that included Emily Kluthe, Eli Kluthe, Cody Mays, Brayden Mays, and Dawson Griffin. In the pork category, Brayden Mays took third place, Dawson Griffin took second place, and in first place was Cody Mays. In the chicken category, Eli Kluthe earned third place, Dawson Griffin took second place, and Emily Kluthe took home the first place honors.

The participants from the kids division showing off their wins

Showing off their grilling skills in the adult division was Charlie Allen, Jared Kluthe, Derek Yandell, and Daniel Anderson. In the chicken category, Derek Yandell took third place, Jared Kluthe took second place, and Charlie Allen clucked in with first place. In the pork category, Jared wound up in third, Charlie in second, and Daniel Anderson rooted in at first. For the ribs category, it was Charlie who came in third, Daniel with second, and Jared with the first place victory. In the open meat category, Charlie took third, Daniel placed second, and Jared earned first. And the overall Grand Champion for Pork in the Park was Jared Kluthe.

Holding up their plaques and ribbons are the participants from the adults division

Sodie Davidson Park Board President and Bulldog Little League Co-Football Commissioner, Jared Kluthe, had this to say about the event. “For this to be the first year, I was pleased with the overall turnout. We did lose a few people that wanted to participate, due to work, but I hope to see this event continue to grow in the future. We would like to see more local businesses set up booths at next years event to show off some of their merchandise. We have a lot of ideas to add to next years Pork in the Park. I know all of the people involved this year had a blast, but one of our biggest highlights was the kids cooking in their own competition and the fun they had with it. We would also like to thank our judges for their volunteering and support.”

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