Placing a Tree Stand


Tree stand placement can often make or break a hunting season. Pick a dead spot and you will be disappointed; but pick a good spot with lots of activity and enjoy your hunts much more!

It takes scouting and persistence to decide where a good spot for your stand will be. Near a water source, maybe under a bounty of oak trees, or near a known bedding area- each hunter can make their decision for where the best spot truly is.

So what does one need to look for once they pick a spot? Where should their stand go? 

To ensure safety of the hunter choosing a large enough tree is of upmost importance. Trees should be a minimum of eighteen inches in width. Anything smaller will not give your stand enough bite into the tree or grip around the tree which could prove very dangerous. 

Having good helpers when putting up a tree stand adds to the fun and provides a learning experience for little ones.

Once you have found a tree large enough it’s time to consider when you will spend the most time in the tree. Having the sun in your eyes is going to make hunting a stressful time. Movements in the tree could also alert deer to your position spoiling your chances of getting a shot. 

Hunting in the morning means you should fast the west, evening hunters should consider facing their stand east. Having the sun at your back also puts the sun in the eyes of the deer which will camouflage any movements you have to make. North and south facing is also an option depending on what you are needing to see and how the deer will likely be moving. 

The harness that comes with a stand is there for a reason! It’s not fun to wear, and may not look “cool”, but falling out of a tree stand is going to be even less fun when you hit the ground. Safety is important when it comes to everything, especially being a dozen feet or more up in a tree! 

Pick your location, get your tree stand ready, and get yourself set! The buck of a lifetime can walk out at anytime! 

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