Pending Lawsuit Still Looms


By Tammy Moore Teague

Although the mayor has tendered his resignation, officially he holds the office until April 5th. What does this mean for the city, more specifically, what impact will it have on the lawsuit Mayor Larry Austin filed against the council?

City Attorney, Matt Ketcham said “the fastest, easiest answer is that it doesn’t.” He went on to clarify that the remaining issue of the lawsuit questions the legality of the council’s decision to remove his name from the personnel book. “I remain resolute that what you did is exactly legal,” Ketcham said. “I stand behind that until a judge and jury tells me different.”

Ketcham has not spoken with Austin’s attorney, Joey McCutchen. It remains uncertain if his resignation will have any bearing on the future of the lawsuit. Because it is still pending, we will continue to monitor any unfolding news as it develops.

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