Part 2 of 24 Secrets To Make Your Life Easier


Need Secrets To Make Your Life Easier? Try these tips!

Ready for Part 2 of Life Secrets to make things easier? We have all the secrets for you today!


Did you drop an egg on your kitchen floor?
Simply take your table salt out and sprinkle a generous amount on top of the egg for easy clean up with a paper towel!

Pesky Pests

Do you have fleas?
Try putting water and some dawn dish soap in a small pie pan or similar dish.  Then, place a small lamp or light beside the pan where the light shines on the water.  Fleas will be attracted to the water and will jump in!


Does your car inside windshield have a smoker’s haze on it and you can’t get it clean?
Use a newspaper to clean the inside of the windshield to get off that smoke residue!


Warming up pizza but don’t want a hard-to-chew crust?
Place a small amount of water in a microwaveable cup inside the microwave when you heat up your pizza, and it keeps the pizza crust from getting rubbery!


Does your baby doll have messy hair?
Mix 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and some water in a small spray bottle. This makes a perfect Doll Detangler to comb out those crazy knots!

Beauty Hacks

Don’t have time to wash your hair and you are out of dry shampoo?
Sprinkle some baby powder or any type of body powder on the crown of your head and lightly toss your hair, and you are good to go!


Have a queasy stomach?
Try drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of pure lemon juice to help settle your stomach. 

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