Opponents Put Best Foot Forward


Pictured (L to R) Tom Metcalf, Stacey Shelly, Bridget Pruitt, and Andrew Robertson

When the Booneville Bearcats and Cedarville Pirates entered into Friday nights football game, anticipation was at an all time high for a win on both sidelines. But, an unexpected event took place that changed the lives of two families.

Cedarville Junior, Tommy Metcalf (#30) sustained a fractured fibula above his left ankle on the second play of the game. Booneville Senior, Andrew Robertson (#2) sustained an anbkle sprain later on in the game.

After a short stay at the hospital, both families were planning on being discharged, then they met and became friends created through a football game, and a chance meeting.

Cedarville Pirate, Tom Metcalf (Left), and Booneville Bearcat, Andrew Robertson (Right)

“They walked onto the field as opposing teams, but left the hospital as comrades.”

Bridget Pruitt – Robertson’s Mother

Unknowingly, to both families and players, these injuries have created a strong bond and new friendships that will most likely last long into both players lives.

It will be something for both towns, and families to talk about for quite some time as well.

“Us mothers are some praying momma’s! We plan on keeping in touch to see the progress of the boys.”

Stacey Shelley – Metcalf’s Mother

Photos courtesy of Stacey Shelly

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