Are you a photographer? Or maybe, you have that one photo that’s just beyond awesome? If so, we’re interested!

We desperately need to update our social media artwork and what better way than to showcase local talent. Yes, we’ll credit you and include a link to your social networks (if applicable)

RP / R22N Staff will chose images for use on our social media, etc. and will do so on an “as needed” basis.


-Photos must by original, no watermarks, not “over edited”, and do not contain nudity.

-Photos must directly relate to events, people, places, lifestyle, etc of the following areas: Barling, Hackett, Hartford, Huntington, Lavaca, Mansfield, Waldron, or surrounding communities.

-Photos of children must have consent from parent or guardian.

If interested, please send photos to HERE

Disclaimer: By submitting photos to RP / R22N, you give permission for our staff to use images online, and throughout our social networks, with proper credit. Images may be edited for proper fit, but will not be edited in any manner to take away from photo.

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