“Oh, Fudge!”


7 Days of "Oh Fudge!"

By:  Kimberly Boyd

One of the most popular American Christmas deserts that we indulge in is FUDGE!  When my husband and I first got married, I soon realized one of his many family traditions was watching the popular movie, “The Christmas Story,” and on Christmas morning they eat Christmas cookies and fudge for breakfast. I had never seen this movie until we got married, but now I can quote many of it’s famous lines! The TBS channel usually always runs the movie several times throughout the Christmas season, however on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they have a marathon of “The Christmas Story” that plays nonstop!

It didn’t take long for my kids to soon fall in love with this movie too. The family tradition has stayed strong as now our kids are ready to watch it as soon as the Christmas tree is put up! We even have home videos now of our kids when they were babies, and  us telling them to, “Eat like a piggie!”

So, in light of the Christmas spirit, I’ve decided to give you 7 days of “Oh Fudge!” For the next seven days, Resident Press will post a unique one of a kind Fudge Recipe with one of my many Christmas family memories! These fudge recipes are all delicious and it will be hard for you to pick your favorite one for sure!

Stay tuned, as “Oh, Fudge” will start tomorrow!

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