NY Ranks Deadliest for Alcohol-Related Fatalities


By Tammy Moore Teague

As party-goers ring in 2019 amid confetti and horns the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) reminds drivers of the sobering fact that New Year’s Day consistently ranks as the deadliest of the year for alcohol-related highway fatalities.

The organization offers the following safety advice:
· Always plan ahead to designate a non-drinking driver before any party or celebration begins
· Never get behind the wheel of a car when you’ve been drinking alcohol – even after just one drink
· Never ride as a passenger in a car driven by someone who has been drinking alcohol – even after just one drink
· Do not hesitate to take the keys from friends or family members who may be impaired

Locally, be aware of sobriety checkpoints. Law enforcement officials will be working to keep everyone safe throughout the holiday and will be checking vehicles for impaired drivers. Additionally, they ask that you not share information on the location of these checkpoints.

Sebastian County Deputy Mike Burcham shared “before any of you start posting where road blocks are this weekend, ask yourself how you would feel knowing you helped a drunk driver avoid a road block, take a different road, and kill a family headed home.”

Remember to use common sense and be safe this holiday. Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and safe 2019!


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