MSD’s Resignations and Hires for 2019 School Year


By Tammy Moore Teague

At the meeting of Mansfield School District’s board members on Monday, action was taken on both resignations and hires. Those resigning for the 2019 school year were Mallory Walker, as cheer coach, Eryn Musgrove-Hunt as English, oral communications, journalism and drama teacher, and Joanna James as cafeteria cook.

“Three awfully good people we are going to have to replace,” said Vice President Mike Gipson. “It is with a heavy heart we accept their resignation.”

Dr. Jim Best, High School Principal, made recommendations to the board for three hires. The first recommendation was for Allie Dake to fill the position of junior high head cheer coach and senior high assistant head coach. Second, was the position of Foreign Language/ESL teacher. “No one will ever replace Becky Yates,” said Best. He recommended Minerva Pineda , a teacher from Hope High School. Lastly, the position of computer lab aid. “We had many applicants and all of them were good,” stated Best. He went on to recommend Karen Mayor. The board voted to approve each of the recommendations unanimously.


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2 Replies to “MSD’s Resignations and Hires for 2019 School Year”

  1. @Melissa, the LIVE broadcast didn’t go as planned. But, we will try again next month. Your’e welcome 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I am SO HAPPY that y’all are now covering the school board meetings! Are the LIVE events watchable after the fact on your FB page? I used to go to all of them so I didn’t have to rely on second-hand info – prefer to hear it from the horse’s mouth. But when they changed to Monday nights, I could no longer go bc of my second job.

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