MMS Students Complete FBLA MAP Project


Every year students that are members of FBLA are able to do M.A.P (Middle Level Achievement Program). There are MAP I(Entrepreneur Level), MAP II(Business Level), and MAP III(Enterprise Level).

Front Row (Left to Right): Levi C, Braxton M, Chandlan S, Greyson B.

Middle Row (Left to Right): Skylynn H, Lauren M, Grace H, Alina L, Alayna T, Natalie A.

Back Row(Left to Right): Kiara T, Marissa Q, Kimber C, Riley K, Lita H, Brooklyn A, Danielle C, and Addison G.

(Not Pictured Serenity B.)

M.A.P I: Brooklyn A, Serenity B, Addison G, Marissa Q, Greyson B, Natalie A, Danielle C, Kimber C, Alina L, Riley K, Kiara T, Braxton M, Lauren M, Alayna T, Levi C, Skylynn H, Chandlan S, Grace H, Lita H.

Map II: Greyson B, Natalie A, Danielle C, Kimber C.

Map III: Greyson B.

Editor’s Note: We would like to congratulate all of this years participants, and their individual successes within each level. We would also like to say THANK YOU to Mrs. Renea Bryan for her efforts to not only help these kids on their projects, but her commitment to the FBLA / MAP program, and to the Mansfield MIddle School.

Image, and information provided by Daniella Santander

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