MMS Student Carys Desormeaux excels on IXL


Mansfield Middle School student Carys Desormeaux is taking a hands on approach to her education.  Carys is a 5th grader at Mansfield Middle School that is excelling on IXL.  IXL is a computer based practice activity for core subjects purchased at Mansfield Middle School for each student.  Cary’s has worked over 10 hours, answered over 5000 questions, and earned 45 certificates of completion of mastery of various subject matters.

Cary’s has spent time in class and at home working extra time on IXL to gain competency is various skills.  Some of the Middle School Staff members use IXL in order to help students gain competency in various skills.  Carys has used time at home working on achieving various certificates.  Each certificate acquired by students at Mansfield Middle School helps earn them reward points.

The reward points are used at various times of the school year for electronic media days, merit holidays, reward trips, and even help students earn exemptions at the end of the semester.  Carys is leading all students with more than double the certificates of the second place students.  Her time and attention is what will allow Carys to continue to achieve throughout her career at Mansfield Middle School and throughout her life if she continues exhibiting these hardworking skills.

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