MMS STEM Students Attend Girl Power Conference at UCA


Nine young ladies from Mansfield Middle School were chosen to attend the Girl Power conference representing STEM at the University of Central Arkansas. The young ladies are some of the top students and leaders in their 8th grade classes at Mansfield Middle School.  The students were divided into groups with various other students from various districts and participated in project throughout the day.

The powerful girls departed for Conway Friday, April 22nd prior to school beginning and returned well after school had released.  This is the second year, students from Mansfield Middle School attended the Girl Power Conference.  Mrs. Rhonda Bullard, Mansfield Middle School Science Teacher, has taken the students the past two years as part of a female leadership initiative.

Students that attended the conference were: Sara Roberts, Kyli Davidson, Jessica George, Danielle Carter, Maggie Strunk, Danielle Santandar, Delilah McKusker, Jaedah Dugan, and Braylynn Reid.

MMS STEM students take part in specific groups during conference.

MMS STEM students take part in specific groups during conference.


MMS Student, and STEM attendee, Braylynn Reid holds a snake at UCA.

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