MMS Hosts Spelling Bee


7th and 8th grade participants (pictured above) and their crisp $2.00 sponsored by Farmers Bank. (Left to Right) Tyler Woolbright, Timmy Rouell, Mikeal Harrison, Greyson Baggett, Bethany Sartin, Nathaniel Sartin, Alyssa James, Serenity Brunson, Courtney Cheeseman, Joey Flynt, Merlyn Wetherington, Braxton Byers, Shelby Cole, Tommy Phang, Shawn Brown, and Nathaniel Elmore.


7th and 8th grade spelling bee winner pictured with Mrs. Wesley Nathaniel Sartin and Runner-Up Bethany Sartin. Brother and sister combination battled it out until the older brother reigned supreme. Both participants and pictured with Elliott Brown from Farmers Bank as well with their trophies furnished by Farmers Bank and their cash awards.


Picture #1 is Runner UP Sebastian Vannaraj and Farmers Bank representative Elliott Brown. Farmers Bank sponsored $2.00 bills for each contestant, a trophy for first and second place finishers, as well as cash award for the winner and second place finisher.

Pictured (Left to Right) Carson Mayo, TNyah Meadors, Chris Monterroza, Eden Mounts, Leland Powell, Trey Powell, Sammy Sellers, Cole Swanger, Tobia Towe, Summer Fraizer, Jessica Kester, Peyton Martin, Maximus Wood, Carter Whiley, Sebastian Vannaraj.

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