MMS Eighth Grade February Students of the Month


We would like to take a few minutes and recognize our eighth grade February students of the month.  Teachers nominated a male and female student for their hard work and positive attitude, which they have displayed throughout this current school year.  Caleb Collier has been selected as the eighth grade student of the month for February for many different reasons.  Caleb is a positive leader and a student that is trusted by peers and teachers.  Serenity Brunson is our female student of the month for February.  Serenity continues to work hard at Mansfield Middle School, and has earned the respect of her teachers by her tireless effort and tremendous attitude.

We are extremely proud to have such great students at Mansfield Middle School and we are even more encouraged by the impact that their parents are having on their life.  Each student continues to lead their peers by positive examples and we will be saddened by the day these two young people move to the high school.  Congratulations Caleb and Serenity.

Fun Facts about Caleb and Serenity

Caleb Collier​​​​

Favorite Food:  Everything​​

Favorite Subject: Math​​​​

Hobbies:  Drawing,
playing Fornite, playing guitar​​​

Favorite Movie: Don’t Have One​

Favorite Book:  Bone

Embarrassing Moment: When
I ripped my pants.

Happiest Moment:  My
sister being born.

Future Aspirations:
 Electrical Engineer​

Favorite Color:  Purple​​

Funniest School Memory: When Greyson and I sang Karaoke in Music

Serenity Bruson​​​​​

Favorite Food:  Mom’s

Favorite Subject: Math​​​​

Hobbies:  Hanging with
friends and family and watching neflix​​​

Favorite Movie: To
All The Boys I’ve Loved Before​

Favorite Book:
 Before I Fall​​

Embarrassing Moment:
 Falling down in Wal Mart​

Happiest Moment:  My
brother being born

Future Aspirations:
 Pediatric Neurosurgeon​​

Favorite Color: Yellow​​​​

Funniest School Memory:
Cassidy in Algebra and Pep Rallies​

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