MMS Assists UofA in College Visit Survey

Mansfield Middle School has been selected to partner with the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville to conduct a five year case study.  The University of Arkansas met with Mansfield Middle School 8th grade students earlier in the year to complete a survey relating to college visits.  The study is set to monitor a group of students for five years and determine if making visits to college campuses helps increases the likelihood of students moving into high education.
Student were divided into three groups to study and monitor their future and growth into higher education.  Through random selections, 1/3 of the students will be the control group that just completed the survey, another 1/3 of students completed surveys and will receive brochures and information related to the University, while the 1/3 of the students were selected to visit the University of Arkansas on three different occasions.
The students receive three different campus tours at the University of Arkansas and will receive free admission to the spring football game as well.  pictured are the random groups of students at their first visit at the University of Arkansas.  The study correlates the relationship between student visits to college and their likelihood to attend higher education.

You can’t visit the UofA, and not “Call the Hogs!!!!”

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