MMS 8th Graders Shadow Career Paths


Haden Henson, (pictured above) job shadowed Holand Purifoy, Inside Sales Coordinator, at Hugg & Hall Equipment in Fort Smith.

Mansfield Middle School is taking full advantage of both their career development class, and the role they play in molding future members of society. It’s a big task, but they’re well on their way to success.

Last week, all the 8th graders in the career development class took time away from school, and focused on job shadowing potential career paths for the day. They followed prospective careers paths to learn what they do, in specific job functions.


Mikayla Harrison (left) job shadowed Laci Guetz (right) at Best Friends Pet Clinic. She learned how to spay a dog.


Jackie Nolan job shadowed Shannon Place at Sparks. She learned how to use a heart catheter and how to use stints for the heart.


Alex Holder job shadowed Craig at Mercy Hospital where he learned Bitlock, and programing computers.

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