MMS 8th Grade Students of the Month – September


The Mansfield Middle School has been tremendously blessed with outstanding leaders of tomorrow.  Instead of presenting a group of students of the month, we will attempt to select two students each week from different grades to highlight their abilities and educational success.

8th Grade students of the month for September is Braxton Bowers and Hope Rainwater.

Both students were nominated by their teachers for outstanding qualities they display by being positive leaders and helpful students and peers.

Braxton and Hope are both known by their peers as hardworking and dedicated students. Hope is known for her quiet demeanor and positive attitude and work ethic she exhibits each and every day.  She always has a smile and is a pleasant student to be around everyday.  Braxton emulates those same qualities and continuous to display academic and personal growth as a positive leader. Both students are continuing to work hard at their academics and we hope will continue to grow as positive students at Mansfield Middle School.

Here are some key facts that Braxton and Hope would like to share:

Braxton Bowers:Favorite Subject Art                           Hope Rainwater:  Favorite subject Math

Hobby:  Art & Card games                                             Hobby:  Reading and Cross Country

Funniest School Memory: When my alarm                    Funniest School Memory: When someone wore a

Went off in class.                                                                      Chicken suit to school.

Favorite Movie: Beverly Hillbillies                                   Favorite Movie: Walking with Dinosaurs

Embarrassing Moment: When my alarm                        Embarrassing Moment: Falling asleep in class

Went off in class.

Happiest Moment: When I went to Silvery                     Happiest Moment:  When I make A’s on a test.

Dollar City.

Favorite Book: How to Train your Dragon                     Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Favorite Food:    Hamburger                                          Favorite Food: Jello

Future Aspirations: Attend college and get                   Future Aspirations: Go to college and be a lawyer.

a good job in art.

Favorite Color: Blue                                                      Favorite Color: Pink

Congratulations to Braxton and Hope and their parents for having such great young students.  Thanks for such great students from Mansfield Middle School.

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