MMS 7th Grade November SOTM


We would like to take a few minutes and recognize our 7th
grade November students of the month. 
Teachers nominated a male and female student for their hard work and
positive attitude that they have displayed throughout this current school
year.  Alexander Quick has been selected
as the 7th grade student of the month for October for many different
reasons.  Alex has been chosen by his
teachers for his great attitude and work ethic. 
Alyson Edwards is the 7th November female student of the
month.  Alyson continues to work hard
every day and sets a good example for all of her peers to follow. 

We are extremely proud to have such great students at Mansfield Middle School and we are even more encouraged by the presence their parents are making in their life.  Each student continues to lead their peers by positive examples and we will be saddened by the day these two young people move to the high school.  Congratulations Alexander and Alyson.

Alyson Edwards

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Subject: Math

Hobbies:  Sports

Favorite Movie:  The

Favorite Book: The Notebook

Embarrassing Moment: When I thought paperclips were plastic

Happiest Moment: 
Winning the softball World Series

Future Aspirations: Be a surgeon

Favorite Color: Mint

Funniest School Memory:  When we made a box fort in art class

Alexander Quick

Favorite Food:  Steak                           

Favorite Subject: Math                                    

Hobbies:  Video Games                        

Favorite Movie: Venom           

Favorite Book: Percy Jackson The Last Olympian                       

Embarrassing Moment: Not being as smart at Mr. Bryan

Happiest Moment: 
Getting a laptop    

Future Aspirations: 
Grow up to be as smart as Mr. Bryan          

Favorite Color:  Blue                                        

Funniest School Memory: Trying to be as buff Coach Dake           

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