Mansfield vs Charleston: A Tale of Two Tigers


It was a close cat battle in last nights game against the Jr High Mansfield Tigers and the Charleston Tigers. Both Mansfield teams walked away defeated but it wasn’t from lack of effort. The Mansfield Lady Tigers ended their game with a score of 39-24 and the Tigers final scoreboard read 39-31.

Skylynn Harris

The starting line up for the (5-3) Tigers was Guards Ethan Pettus, Tyler Escalante, Steven Perez, and Clint Stovall and Forward Zayne Dugan. Also assisting with the Tigers was Dalton Pettigrew and Austin Carlton. “We did not shoot the ball well. We shot 18% from the field,” said Coach Kent Elmore. “Charleston did a good job at taking away our bigs and our guards just couldn’t hit shots. We must become a better shooting team if we want to have continued success. We failed to make wide open shots and failed to get aggressive on the offensive boards. We must work on ball movement and intensity in order to have a chance on Monday against Cedarville.”

(L-R) Clint Stovall, Steven Perez, and Ethan Pettus

The (3-5) Lady Tigers played no holds barred ball in their matchup with Charleston. Charleston led 9-1 at the end of the first quarter but by halftime, Mansfield was up 13-12. Taking the lead in points for her team was Sadie Roberts with 11. Alyson Edwards came in with 10 points. And Skylynn Harris and Natalie Allison made a combined 3 points for the Lady Tigers.

Alyson Edwards and Natalie Allison

The Jr High Tigers will continue fine-tuning their skills in preparation for Cedarville at home on Monday, January 14 at 4:30 pm.

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