Mansfield Tigers Host Media Day


By Megan Hecox

With the start of Mansfield football only weeks away, the Tigers are gearing up for a breakout season.

The coaches, players, and cheerleaders held their annual Media Day on August 1st. The day gives the community a chance to get to know the student athletes and faculty involved in the football and cheer programs. They are given the opportunity to sit in on a football practice followed by a meet and greet while the students are having their football and cheer pictures taken.

Jr High cheer coach Allie Dake was on hand to talk about this years cheer squad and what it actually takes to be a cheerleader. “I’ve got a really good group of girls this year. They are strong willed and opinionated and loaded with tons of personality. They know how to have fun but also buckle down and work hard when needed.” The girls proved just how tough they are, when they recently attended cheer camp in Branson, MO. “They spent up to 8 hours a day stunting, jumping, dancing and tumbling which all require strength, flexibility and endurance. We are ready and excited for the upcoming season.”

Kera Helms is another Tigers fan who is also anxiously awaiting the start of football season. Mother to #55 Codee Helms, an eighth grade football player, Kera is all too familiar with the football scene. ” I love being a football mom. It’s exciting.” Kera said. “Codee has been playing football since the third grade. His dad used to play football for Hartford, so Codee always knew he wanted to follow in his dads footsteps.”

The Mansfield Tigers will begin their season facing the Hackett Hornets on August 23rd at Hackett.

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