Mansfield Tigers Catch Home Field Victory


Securing their second home win of the season, the Mansfield Tigers were determined to settle the score against rival team the Waldron Bulldogs. The last time these two teams battled each other, the Bulldogs won 10-4. This time though the Tigers sealed the deal for a 1-0 win.

#19 Cody Fudge

With this win, the Tigers are 4-6 in total season play and 3-4 in conference. It is never a dull moment when the Tigers and the Bulldogs step out to face each other. For the entire first six innings, the score read 0-0. Then in the seventh inning, the Tigers threw a run on the board and ended the game.

#1 Layton Howard

Isaac Cothran was the player of the game with his one run. He also earned six putouts. Layton Howard made two hits, one steal, and one putout. Seth Fudge secured two hits. Hayden Henson scored one putout and two assists. Cody Fudge racked up one hit and 11 putouts. And Codi Chick tallied two putouts. Pitcher Hunter Willsey threw out 70 pitches to 26 batters striking out 11. He also bagged two hits, one runner batted in, and two assists.

#12 Hunter Willsey and #6 Seth Fudge

The Tigers will hit the road to Cedarville to take on the 2-6 Pirates on Friday, April 12 at 4:30 p.m.

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