Mansfield Students Are On A Mission To Raise Money For New Classroom Chairs


Third grade President for Mrs. Davis' Class, Rylan (pictured Right), and Vice-President, Cosmo (pictured Left), are standing in front of their dinosaur donation station in the hall collecting money for new chairs for their classroom.

Recently, Mansfield 3rd grade students had a chance to run against their fellow classmates for a position as Class President. Students designed posters and delivered speeches to their peers, and then classmates voted on their own selection of who they wanted to represent their class. Third grade student, Rylan Jones, was selected as Class President for Mrs. Davis’ class along with Cosmo Whiley elected as her Vice-President for Mrs. Davis’ class also. Together, they have devised a plan to conduct a fund raiser to raise money to purchase new classroom chairs. They need 32 chairs with cost being approximately $832 in total. Rylan and Cosmo have made it their mission to raise the money. Rylan typed out a personal message that was sent home with every student at Mansfield Elementary to try and reach their goal! The flyer read as follows:

Other Presidents for other Third Grade Classes are also working on projects and brainstorming for ideas for other school fund raisers to help better their classrooms as well as their learning environment.

If you would like to help donate money to help with this cause, please send money in an envelope with your student labeled “Classroom Chairs.” If you do not have a child who attends Mansfield Elementary and you wish to donate, just simply call the office and ask to speak to the principal, Mrs. Arnold. She will further direct you on how to donate.

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Kimberly Boyd

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