Mansfield Soccer goes UNDEFEATED, again.


Mansfield Soccer coach Jason Baggett had no idea when he, along with his wife Lesli, and Shawn, and Amy SIlvey started the youth soccer program in Mansfield in Fall of 2009, that they would ever go undefeated. Let alone twice, in 5 years.

“I’m proud for the kids, and what they’ve been able to accomplish as a team through the many obstacles we’ve faced each year, and each game. They have a special place in my heart, and are beyond awesome” said Jason Baggett.

Their season consisted of 13 games, with only one coming to a tie breaker for decision, to end the season.

Baggett stated, “The last game, was they ONE game our kids wanted badly. Emotions ran high and the team rallied to come from behind to tie the game in the final minutes of the game, which led to the tie-breaker that our kids owned from the start. It’s amazing to win at any level, but this level is super competitive, which brings some strong emotions from both the parents, and the players. We begin, and end each game in prayer, thankful for the opportunity to play a sport we all love.”

The soccer program has grown every year since starting in Fall 2009 with teams from US (4-5 year olds), and up to U14 (12-13 year olds). Mansfield plays scheduled games against Booneville, Paris, and Ozark.

An additional fact to Baggetts team is that most of his team “Kickin’ It” has grown up with him as their coach, including his son Greyson, a starting mid-fielder. Most of the team had never played soccer until 2009, and have played together ever since.

Greyson Baggett, and Chandlan Silvey are given full credit for the creation of this league, under the supervision of their parents / coaches. They had originally played together in Greenwood Soccer League, but wanted to play in Mansfield, and for Mansfield. Together, they have gained notoriety as the true “founders” of Mansfield Soccer League.

Congratulations Mansfield Soccer aka “Kickin’ It”!!!!

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2 Replies to “Mansfield Soccer goes UNDEFEATED, again.”

  1. Thank you for the comment JulieNjosh.

    Mansfield Soccer began 4 years ago, and has thrived ever since. Keep checking back to see the dates for sign-ups. You can also look at Mansfield Ball Association on Facebook for more information.


  2. JulieNjosh says:

    So many levels of awesome!!!!!
    When did Mansfield get Soccer and who is the contact?

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