Mansfield School Board Meets Tonight


March 26, 2018
Administration Building
6:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order
Prayer: Rick Nicodemus

II. Approval of Consent Agenda
A. Agenda
B. Financial Reports
C. Minutes of Board Meetings: February 26, 2018

II. Superintendent’s Report
A. FCCLA Recognition – Sue Ward

III. Board Action Required
A. Deputy Officer Reserve Program – Scott County Sherriff
B. Approval of Mowing Bids
C. Hire 10 Summer Workers
D. Child Nutrition Charge Policy
E. Child Nutrition Procurement Policy
F. Child Nutrition End or Year Policy
G. Public Notice of RFQ for Child Nutrition Management Consulting Services
H. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – DataPath HSA
I. Heath Insurance Portability Transfer Participant Approval
J. 2019-2020 Election Budget
K. Summer Projects
L. 2018-2019 Salary Schedules
M. 2018-2019 Additional Duty Table
N. 2018-2019 Certified Contract Renewal
O. Approval to Add Driver’s Education to High School Master Schedule
P. Hire High School/Middle School PE & Health Teacher / Coach
Q. Hire Middle School Science Teacher / Coach
R. Additional Coaching Stipend Positions

Other Board Communications


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