Walker Assumes Mayoral Duties


During last night’s regular scheduled meeting, the City Council voted (5 to 1) to overturn the Mayor’s veto of a motion from December’s special meeting. This veto was made my Austin to stop the council from revising the personnel policy handbook.

The vote against the motion came from Nathan Sterling who immediately resigned, then left the building. Read that article by clicking here.


The actions taken by the city council removes most of the day-to-day actions of the Mayor, with him still presiding over city council meeting, hiring/firing, and purchasing / contractual agreements. City attorney, Matt Ketchum stated that the Mayor cannot be relieved of his duties and powers granted to him by State statute. But, this action removes “a lot of his power from daily business.”

The City Council went on to unanimously approve a motion that amended the personnel policy handbook replacing the word “Mayor” with “Recorder / Treasurer.” Elected Mansfield Recorder / Treasurer, Becky Walker will now take on the duties of the Mayor concerning daily business.


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