Unified Voice Calls for Mayor Austin to Resign


Mansfield Mayor, Larry Austin was asked by the City Council members to resign at the beginning of Thursday (12/21/2017) night’s meeting after a change in the planned agenda. In a packed City Council hall, the voting public and concerned citizen’s wanted answers, and were heard.

Immediately after the Council voted on the reading of the minutes, and financial reports, Councilman Rick McDaniel asked to approve an amendment of the agenda for “the purpose of the future of the Mayor of Mansfield.” McDaniel approached the council with a prepared letter addressing numerous issues that Mayor Austin has recently been scrutinized for, regarding the water tower, sewer plant, etc.


After McDaniel finished, ALL six members, individually asked Mayor Austin to resign. Austin replied, “Ok, next item on the agenda.”


The voting public showed up in huge numbers at the City Council meeting to voice their opinions on the current state of the City of Mansfield, and were vocal about the Mayor’s prompt resignation.

Following the protocol, the members of the City Council addressed each item of the agenda. Then, the public took their turn in asking questions, including past Mansfield Mayor Glen Hurt, and a mother whose son is suffering from issues resulting from potentially contaminated water.

The end result? If you missed it you can watch the Facebook LIVE feed from our broadcast in it’s entirety AT THIS LINK


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2 Replies to “Unified Voice Calls for Mayor Austin to Resign”

  1. george korszowsky says:

    the Mayer and city counsel was voted in to represent the people of the city. i have not seen any thing the people want.

    charging to use the hick and bike trails which was payed for by taxes.
    stadium built which should be voted by the taxpayers
    stooping gun shows that brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into our cities but they didn’t want it.
    allowing vagrants to do what ever they want, raising the crime rate, lowering the chances of selling homes.
    averageing $23,000 dollars per homeless, but raising taxes on home owners.
    not arresting the homeless. because there is no place to put them in an air condition bldg (they live on the street put them in a tent city to lock them up, i spent months in a tent in the military.
    the homeless has more rights than taxpayers.

    get rid of the city counsel and Mayer

    let the homeless live in the Mayer’s yard

  2. Roxanne says:

    The Mayor owes the citizens of Mansfield a complete and thorough accounting of his conduct as our Mayor. The water and sewer issues are good starts for what he should be disclosing. Poor quality water is NOT acceptable. The water tower should have been repaired or replaced weeks ago. Business suffers a well as families. There is no excuse for the odors that permeate the air. We have new business coming to our community…how do they feel?

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