Mansfield Junior High Chess Results


The Mansfield Junior High Chess team competed in a chess tournament in Van Buren on Thursday December 8, 2016. The players competed against 99 players from large and small schools from around the area and played the best of five games.

Freshman Dillon Hines won (4) consecutive games and lost in the championship game which earned him third place.

Freshman Jet Scoma, and eighth grader, Seth Johnston went 3-2 win/loss.

Renden Emery went 2-3 during his second tournament appearance.

Eighth grader Kimber Campbell won her first tournament game going 1-4.

Eighth graders Lillian Buccella, Kaitlin Peterson, Katelyn Salmeron, Ethan Streets, and unnamed participant enjoyed competing in their first chess tournament.  Lillian went 2.5-2.5 tying in her final match, Kaitlin went 1.5-3.5 tying in her fourth match, Ethan went 2-3 winning his final game of the day, Katelyn went 2-3 tying two of her five matches, and unnamed went 2-3 winning two of their first three games.

“They competed and played well, many in their first tournament” stated their chess coach Joshua Bryan, “I am very proud of their effort and highly enjoy spending time with this group of students”.

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