Mansfield Gifted & Talented Announces Spring Testing Date


Mansfield School District will begin Spring testing Monday, March 27, 2017 Students may be referred any time in grades two through twelve, but formal service for identified students begins in the 3rd grade. If you feel your child would benefit from Gifted and Talented services, you can pick up a referral packet in the Elementary, Middle, or High School Offices. Please fill out the forms and return to one of the offices by Friday, March 10, 2017.

*Referral period is from Tuesday, February 21 through Friday, March 3, 2017.

*In this packet you will find the following:

-a list of characteristics showing the difference between a bright child and a gifted child (this is for your reference when deciding if your child fits the criteria of a gifted student)

-the Gifted and Talented recommendation for services form

-the SIGS checklist

-a permission to test form

-an overview of the program

*Please return the referral packet to Tracy Dedmon or the office at the elementary, middle, or high school by Friday, March 3, 2017.

Teachers: Please attach a copy of the child’s report card, and work sample.

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