Mansfield Elementary Adds Safety Elements


In an effort to show the Mansfield School District that the community, and local businesses want to do their part to assist in the improvements being made around each campus, West Fraser Inc. a local sawmill located on Highway 71, and SILCO Construction made donations to Mansfield Elementary Schools in different ways.

West Fraser Inc. donated wood chips used for the playground areas which saved the district in a tremendous way, as well as provided a softer platform rather than traditional rubber chips.

Shawn Silvey, SILCO Contstruction, donated a dumptruck and driver to transports the wood chips from the mill to the playground. Shawn, and Amy Silvey are both graduates of Mansfield High School. They’re sons are current students at Mansfield Middle School.


MES Principal, Kim Arnold stated, “we would like to thank West Fraser Inc. and their employees, Angela and Raymond, for donating six loads of wood chips for the elementary playgrounds. Also, thank you Shawn Silvey for donating a truck and driver to haul the wood chips to the elementary.”

Additionally, the walkways leading to, and from the bus loading zone are in the final stages of being covered which provides a safer travel route for students, and faculty during inclement weather, and during the warmer months.


Workers put the finishing touches on the pavilion located on the North side of the MES building, near the bus lanes.

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