Mansfield City Council Meeting – February


The Mansfield City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, February, 16th at Mansfield City Hall. In attendance were City Council members –  Dave Johnson, Nathan Sterling, Beverly Lyons, Rick McDaniel, Sheri Hopkins, Georganna Mabry, Mansfield Recorder / Treasurer – Becky Walker, Mansfield Mayor – Larry Austin, Mansfield Police Chief – Boyd Farmer, Mansfield Fire Chief – Stephen Haysmer, as well as a many citizens, and business owners of our area.

Editors Note: Due to a previous engagement, we were late to the meeting and came in during Unfinished Business.


A. Engineers are working on the progress of the Henley Road water line, and should have a bid really soon. Power line is causing some delays.

B. Police Station roof repaired.

C. Mayor Austin asked the board to have a special meeting regarding voting on the Walking trail bids, which open on Wed, Feb. 22nd. Meeting planned for March 2nd, at 6:00pm. Estimates are $35k as the base.

D. Mayor Austin recommended that Handicap access would be accessible to, and on the stage. Becky Walker asked, “Who is making these decisions”, Mayor Austin responded that no decisions have been made. Several members of the Council immediately disagreed with any thought as to having handicap access to, on, and through the stage.

The ongoing concern is that decisions are being made about the Dixie Theater, and other issues / areas without the consent of the City Council, and other valuable opinions who have played an important role in the progression of the town, emergency services, and public perspective.


A. During discussion of public use of the Dixie Theater, the council discussed the Mayors decision of charging use fees of per person, or per group of people. The discussion was charging use based on the amount of people.

For example: “0-10 people” would be charged “X” ammount, where “20-40 people” would be charged higher, and so on. The fees would include a base rate of cleaning deposit, which would be refunded if cleaned properly.

Councilman, Nathan Sterling defended the Mayors actions by referring to the operating costs which the fees would be applied towards. Mayor Austin recommended that ONLY Mansfield residents should be involved in the planning, and committee positions.

Councilman, Rick McDaniel advised the board that Becky Walker should head up the proposed committee to look into certain aspects of the Dixie Theater’s use since it is has been her, and Husband Robert Walkers dream to get this building renovated, who have also done most of the planning, and fundraising thus far.

A. Taylor House sale has been finalized.

B. Fire Department Status (See below image)

In addition to the items on the agenda….

Councilman, Rick McDaniel asked the Mayor how, and why he banned the Mansfield 4H from using the Mansfield City Hall after their meeting this week, and Mayor Austin replied,  “They left candy wrappers on the floor!.” McDaniel asked why he (Mayor Austin) took it upon himself to take action without the City Council’s acknowledgement. Mayor Austin DID NOT respond.

McDaniel also asked the Mayor why the Mansfield Soccer was banned from using City Hall over his accusations of “stealing an ink pen.” Again, Mayor Austin had no comment.

McDaniel made the motion that Mansfield 4H were to continue using City Hall for their meetings.. Motion was unanimous.

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5 Replies to “Mansfield City Council Meeting – February”

  1. CCOM says:

    Great point “Puzzled”

    Now, it seem that he has told a local Nazarene Church they are are not allowed to use the City of Mansfield marquee sign in the city square.

    What’s next? WAKE UP illustrious City Council members, and concerned community members.

    It will get worse, before it gets better, and then what will you have to say?

    A Concerned Citizen of Mansfield

  2. Puzzled says:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how he was elected. He did not effectively manage the schools, but he was expected to effectively manage a town?

  3. CCOM says:

    Mansfield residents (voters) better take notice.

    1. The Mayor is running off good and hard working employees.
    2. He’s ruining the Fire Department. Police is next.
    3. Still operating without Certified water manager.
    4. Fines are coming if things are not fixed SOON! STIFF FINES! (We can afford a walking trail, but not repairs?)
    5. Where was he during the water line breaks? The previous mayor would be there, in the hole, helping.
    6. Takes credit for EVERYTHING that hard working and honest people have done behind the scenes.
    7. Wants a walking trail but turns his cheek to fixing the fire department issues. REALLY?
    8. Our real community leaders are the one who are making things happen. The Mayor is an absolute joke, and an embarrassment.
    9. City Council members, are split. We have three, maybe four who care about this town, and the voting community. The other two keep the seats warm, and are bobbleheads.
    10. We as a community should be ashamed of this.

    What exactly has the Mayor done during his time in office?
    Why does he have a hard time telling the truth and being honest?
    What does he actually do? He’s ruining this town, and a few people are finally taking note.

    It is time we ALL do something before it is too late.

    A Concerned Citizen of Mansfield

  4. Brittany Hill says:

    Amanda where did you get they were charging fees to use city hall from in that article? It was fees to use Dixie Theater. The outrage should be with the fact we have a mayor who obviously thinks he can do whatever he pleases without any consequences and unfortunately we are stuck with that arrogance for at best another 3 years.

  5. Amanda Wilson says:

    As a citizen of Mansfield I completely disagree with charging to use City Hall. This, in my opinion is a community building! We use it for community events, there are no other places to go. I can’t think of a more community event than 4H, sport sign-ups and the annual 5th and 6th grade Thanksgiving lunch just to name a few. I myself, have used City Hall in the past and everyone involved as always gone above and beyond to make sure we leave it as clean or cleaner than when we arrived!

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