Mansfield City Council Approves Walking Trail


The question of whether Mansfield will receive a walking trail was finally answered tonight at the Special City Council meeting held at City Hall

Mayor Austin summarized the purpose of the meeting is to review the bids, and vote For, or AGAINST the proposed walking trail. Austin added, “We’ve talked about this for too long, and it’s time to go ahead, or not.”

A total of (3) bids were received for the 1/4 mile long walking trail located in the City Park, just North of Mansfield City Hall. Low bid $33,913.50, and Highest bid was $48,582.00

Council member Sheri Hopkins addressed the council with concerns from citizens worried about wash out of the park and how it will affect the walking trail, the new construction, and no focus on the Fire Department. Mayor Austin replied, “Several trails are built near water.”

Council Member Dave Johnson asked Mayor Austin who is responsible for maintenance, and future repairs of the walking trail. The Mayor replied, “The City of Mansfield is responsible.”

Council Member Georganna Mabry made the motion to accept the lowest bid to begin the construction on the Mansfield walking trail, seconded by Nathan Sterling. Motion For (Nathan Sterling, Georganna Mabry, Beverly Lyons, and Sheri Hopkins), Against (Rick McDaniel, and Dave Johnson). Motion passed.

With the motion passed, the City of Mansfield agrees to pay 20% of the 33913.50 plus engineers fees which comes from the park fund, and 80% is from the grant from the Highway Transportation Department.

$33,913.50 (Low Bid) + $5,250.00 (Engineers Fee) = $39,163.50

Budgeted 2017 park fund is $20,000.00


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One Reply to “Mansfield City Council Approves Walking Trail”

  1. Another very concerned citizen says:

    So we are going to blow over hlaf of the parks budget for the year on a walking trail? Makes complete and total sense. Nevermind we’ve ripped out structures we couldn’t maintain feom said parks and havent replace. But are now responsible for maintaining a walking trail. That’ll make it more appealing to families, NOT!!!!!! This is getting absolutely ridiculous!

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