Mansfield Boil Order UPDATE


We have been sent the following information regarding the current status of the boil order, and future progress of the water tower in Mansfield.

Water  Tank Update    12-13-2017

Temporary repairs are planned for 12-18,19

Water samples will be taken after temporary work finished.

If water samples are OK, the boil water will be lifted by Dec. 22

Permanent repairs will be made in 3-5 weeks.

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One Reply to “Mansfield Boil Order UPDATE”

  1. Mr Clean says:

    I find it very ironic that nothing was done until after the news got involved. Mayor didn’t offer any help to the schools.
    Even with this planned fixes he’s still getting a paycheck while the rest of us have a water bill due in a few weeks. Have you thought of that? He is just as bad as a mayor as he was a superintendent.

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