Mansfield Athletic Passes Offer Discount Opportunity


Administrators from the 3A-4 conference gathered this summer in an effort to streamline admission prices for athletic events within the conference. As such gate prices for each sport will now be the same across the board.

In a directive handed down last week, Mansfield was instructed that admission prices will be $5 per person at all venues.

Mansfield, as part of the 3A/4A blended conference, held steady last year with student tickets being a dollar less than that of an adult ticket. This season, Mansfield sport fans young and old will see an equal admission price at both home and away games.

In consideration of their hometown patrons, Mansfield High School will once again be offering season passes for its adult spectators at a cost effective price. Also for the first time this school year, a “student discount card” will also be available.

 As always the season passes and now the discount cards will be honored only at regular season home athletic events and will not include benefit games, post season play, nor away games.

The traditional adult passes have been upgraded from just a “fall sport” pass to a “school year” card to include spring sports as well. A student discount card, which is being implemented on a trial basis this year, will offer reduced admission to Mansfield students at home sporting events along the entire school season.

Calculating the school year upgrade along with the conference inflation, the price of an adult Mansfield season pass has increased to $60. A “season plus” card which offers the same free admission as the “season pass” will also allow for preferential parking and a reserved stadium seat at MHS football games. The “season plus” card will be $70.

Adult passes will be available through the high school office during regular business hours. The deadline to order such cards will be September 1.

New this 2017-2018 school year will be the MHS Student Discount Card. This card will be offered to any currently enrolled Mansfield student so they may attend regular season home games at a reduced price. 

For a $15 purchase price a discount card will be personalized with photo identification for each student interested. Presentation of this card at the gate of any regular season Mansfield home game will allow the card holder admission for only $1.

The value of the card seems evident if you consider Mansfield typically has around 40 home games just between football, volleyball, and basketball alone. 

 A student with the help of a discount card would spend only $55 if they attended all 40 contests. Compared to a total cost of $200 at the normal $5 rate, that would be a $145 savings per student.

The student discount cards will be available for purchase at any of the three Mansfield Public School campuses. Temporary cards will be issued at the time of purchase. Those purchases should be made by the same September 1 deadline.

Arrangements will be made for students to have their photo taken for the creation of the personalized cards. The regular discount cards will be issued as soon as they are complete.

Questions concerning the purchase of adult passes or student discount cards should be made through the high school office. Contact one of the school’s two athletic directors.

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