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After many requests, we have recently implemented a CLASSIFIEDS section on Resident Press that you can utilize to clean out your closets (not that their dirty) and make some extra cash. Whether it’s for a yard sale, an automobile, or an announcement, you’ll be able to benefit from our networks to create a small sales channel that’s personal, and secure.

Why use RP Classifieds?

Cheaper than anything you’ll find in our area, our classifieds are secure, and are catered to you. YOU!

We make the ad searchable to all of the internet, not just our immediate area.

Did we mention it’s cheaper than print? It’s also more convenient, and it’s where your potential customer are looking.

How to get started?

RP makes it simple, and affordable to sell online and utilize our daily traffic. By using our classifieds, you’ll submit what you want to sell by email, attaching an image, and we’ll curate the content of the listing to ensure proper spelling, and wording. We’ll make you look like a superstar seller!

Click HERE to Contact Us to learn more, and start selling!

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