Made in Mansfield


Big things can come from small towns. Big ideas can be nurtured into amazing things. That’s exactly the case with “Made in Mansfield.”

Makiah Holmes, and Makinzy Baudendistel are two young entrepreneurs who are not only turning heads, but lighting up your Facebook feed with “LIVE” shows highlighting their one of kind products. Their wares, are not bought and resold, they’re made with love, and a sincere desire to appeal to the customer’s requirements.

Starting out as a hobby, the two crafty ladies got some notoriety after family and friends noticed their talents, and wanted to utilize their unique offering for their own gifts to loved ones, and friends.

“It just started, from no where” added Makiah.

In a world of fancy names, and brands, Makiah, and Makinzy chose to keep it simple. Paying homage to their hometown, and representing who they are, and to those they serve, “Made in Mansfield” started and has a bright future.

Makiah Holmes, (Left) and Makinzy Bauddendistel (Right) are the smiling faces, and talented minds behind “Made in Mansfield”

Once they realized that their offering had the attention of enthusiastic customers, both Makiah, and Makiinzy took to Facebook as their advertising vehicle. During their live feeds, they discuss what’s available, that is in between the numerous questions and encouragement from their fans. It’s quite entertaining.

Whether it be canvas paintings, wreaths, bows, and crafts, their products are personalized per the customer’s preference, and are made with a custom touch fitting each unique person, and gift giver.

With online sales, and big boxes at our disposal, it’s refreshing to see youthful talent, and inspiration made at home.

If you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer, or to order, visit their Facebook page HERE


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