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Billie Chastain of Bloomer went to a yard sale some time ago. On the cluttered tables, filled with treasures so great that they could be sold for change, Billie looked for something to read. In the collections of the books, she found an old Holy Bible. It was for sale so she bought it. The front cover is embossed with the name EFFIE KING.

When Billie got home, she turned through the pages to find some old newspaper clippings, momentoes of Christmas ornaments and such. The Bible was a gift to Effie by Harold and Ruth King on Christmas 1956. But, inside the pages of this old Bible are handwritten names of the going of the family members to 1849.

Billie would like to find some of the family so they can have their history back. “I don’t believe in selling Bibles at yard sales. Bibles should be given away to people who don’t have one.” Billie said. Surely someone will recognize these names: Alfred Wallace Shores, Elizabeth Shores Johnson, T. J, Johnson, Surnames include Claud, Henry, Millie (Ellison), Alfred, William, Effie, Wesley, Rosa, Owen Johnson. King family includes Barbara Lucille, Maggie Hellen, Harold Ray, Irene, Rosa Louise, John Phillip, Jack, Frank D., Champ Tim, Jimmy A., and Mary Elizabeth.

If you connect with any of these folks or happen to be one of them, just reply in the comment section here Billie will make sure you are reunited with this family heirloom.

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