Local School Providing Free Meals


By Tammy Moore Teague

Hackett Schools have joined the growing list of schools in Arkansas who are taking advantage of federal funding that provides all students with free breakfast and lunch.

The program known as Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP, has now been adopted by 58 schools in the state. The bill passed in 2010 is known as the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The bill itself is appealing to administrators as it eliminates the free/reduced meal application process. Additionally, schools are guaranteed reimbursement with the program. 

The greater benefit, however, is to the students. CEP eliminates the negative association of those receiving free and reduced meals. Also, eliminating the embarrassment of those students who lack funds on their account and denied a “regular” lunch. 

The idea behind the act is to ensure that all children, regardless of income, receive meals. School districts are eligible to apply for the program until June 30. 

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  1. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    Hackett School District had afree lunch program last year ! I hope Mansfield parents and citizens get the paper work done so they can join thus program. One of the great benefits is no student will embarassed for not having the money and it will guarantee all students will recive at least one meal that day !

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