Little League Tigers Are Headed to the Playoffs


By Megan Hecox

Saturday nights Little League games in Mansfield was a sight to see. Cedarville Schools had played the Tigers all week and came to town with the expectations of a “Football Sweep” against the Tigers. Both towns squads knew they were pretty evenly matched and both knew Playoff implications were on the line.

Mansfield’s 3rd and 4th Grade team took to the field first and showed quickly why they are a force to be reckoned with. The Tigers used great team tackling the entire game to shut down the Pirates talented offense. If one Tiger defender wrapped up on a Pirate running back, the other 10 defenders weren’t far behind to help. Offensively the Tigers did what they’ve done all season, score quickly and often. The Tigers scored on big yardage runs. They scored on short yard runs. Bottom line…..they scored however they wanted to and ended up giving Cedarville a 24-0 thrashing. With Saturdays win, Mansfield’s 3rd and 4th Grade secured the #2 seed in the playoffs. Head Coach, David Moore, said this about his team. “The kids worked really hard all week preparing for Cedarville. We knew they were going to be big up front with plenty of speed and that we had to shut them down in the backfield. Our kids did just that defensively. I don’t think our defensive line has had a better game. Offensively we did what we do best and got our speed outside. We are very proud of the kids and have a few weeks to prepare for the Playoffs. Our kids are a very smart and athletic group and make our jobs as coaches easy.”

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Boyd

The Tigers 5th and 6th Grade game was for all of the marbles. Both Cedarville and Mansfield knew what was at stake. Win and they’re in the Playoffs. Lose and their season would be over. The Tigers battled hard all night in a back and forth smashmouth slobber knocker with the Tigers coming out on top with a 12-6 victory. The Tigers defense was successful in shutting down the Pirates playmakers with great form tackling. The Tigers offense used the phrase “speed kills” to hit a couple of big runs for scores, sinking the Pirates hopes for a WCFL Playoff birth. The Tigers secured the #4 seed in the playoffs with their victory. Mansfield’s 5th and 6th Grade Coach, Jason Edwards, said “We couldn’t be more proud of our boys. That was an old fashion defensive football game. Our boys stood up to the challenge and took care of business without backing down one ounce. Our motto is #EARNIT and these boys earned every bit of that victory. Now we have to turn our focus to the Playoffs.” 

Both Little League Tiger teams are in the Playoffs and looking to go all the way to earn some Championship gold. The Tigers have a bye week this week while the rest of the league will play to set the Playoff bracket in stone. The #4 seeded 5th and 6th Grade Tigers will travel to Hackett to face #1 seed Hornets in their first round of the playoffs on November 10th. Depending on how the upcoming weekends games pan out, the #2 seeded 3rd and 4th Grade Tigers will host either Cedarville or JC Westside in their first round of the Playoffs.

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