Little League Hornet Teams Win “Mud Wrestling” Match Against Rattlers


By Megan Hecox

The Hackett Little League Hornets hit the road Saturday to face off against the Magazine Rattlers in the only WCFL game played that day due to muddy and wild field conditions at other venues. Both Hornet squads walked away with the W in the Win and the Wet columns.

The 3rd and 4th Grade team won their game 24-0. The Hornets were able to capitalize on multiple opportunities and hold on to the muddy football to shut down the Rattlers. Nick Holbert, 3rd and 4th Grade Coach stated “Our team really stepped up their game this week. They came out mentally prepared and ready to play. We were able to protect the ball on offense in rainy and muddy conditions. Our defense played very strong giving our offense plenty of chances to score. I’m super proud of how we played in our opening game of the season.”

The 4th and 5th Grade team defeated the Rattlers 8-0. Having to play the second game, Hackett faced not only a stiff Magazine team but also a field that was a torn up muddy mess. The Hornets speedy offense was slowed down by the wet field but were able to put just enough points on the scoreboard for a win. Coach Chuck Hamilton said “It was a defensive battle in horrible field conditions. The weather was a huge factor in our game. Our only score was a pass resulting in a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Both teams showed a lot of heart and battled until the end.”

Both Hackett squads are 1-0 with their victories Saturday night and are prepared to continue their winning ways this weekend as they face the Western Yell County Wolverines at Mills Field on September 29th. The 3rd and 4th Grade will start at 6:00 pm and the 5th and 6th Grade will start at 7:00 pm.

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